RTA proposes 1-year licence for under-21 drivers

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority  (RTA) has suggested the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to explore the possibility of adopting the provisional licensing system that would entail issuing a temporary one-year driving license for the first three years of licensing drivers below 21 years, the authority said in a statement yesterday.

The proposal was the result of an RTA study, which concluded that an overwhelming majority of fatal traffic accidents are caused by novice drivers who lack the experience and optimal driving methods. Following the findings of the study, the RTA has urged MoI to develop, at the federal level, additional controls and stipulations applicable to novice drivers.

Among the RTA’s recommendations is a suggestion to mandate novice drivers to affix a sticker on their vehicles so other drivers know that the vehicle is being driven by a novice driver. There is also a recommendation to subject novice drivers, after obtaining the provisional driving license, to a mandatory training provided the training program has to include lectures dedicated to traffic safety, driving skills, how to deal with road risks and vehicle driving simulators.
Training to drive for under-18 students

In another development, candidates from the age of 17 years six months would be able to start training from driving licences, if a proposal made by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is approved by the Ministry of Interior.

RTA has submitted a suggestion to explore the possibility of allowing those who have completed 17 years and six months to open a traffic file and train to drive light vehicles, according to a report published by Khaleej Times.

However, according to the proposal the candidates would be able to get the licence only after completing 18 years of age and obviously pass the test.

The proposal aims at easing the difficulties faced by Higher Secondary School students, who would  want to have driving licence before they enter the university.

This is particularly relevant as training to drive is a long process and could interfere with their academics.

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