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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 could match the power of a notebook

Samsung is in advanced stages of finalising the specs of its next in-line Galaxy Note 6.

If some of the latest leaks and rumours are anything to go by, the device could well match the power of a high-end notebook.

Samsung is expected to release the device sometime in July/August, ahead of the launch of the iPhone 7. It has been rumoured that the South Korean firm is working on reintroducing two variants of Galaxy Note 6.

The second model of the new Galaxy Note 6 could come with curved edges. Note 4 was the first model to come with an edged screen on the right side but Samsung discontinued the practice and Note 5 came with just a flat screen variant.

However, Samsung took the edges to the other flagship - the Galaxy S series and introduced curved screens on both sides starting with Galaxy S6 edge. According to latest rumours, Samsung could be once again working on bringing back two variants of Galaxy Note, introducing a dual-edged screen.

However, not all Note users were impressed with the Note edge, with several users complaining that the edge screen hardly added any major productivity features to the device that is otherwise known for being a work machine.

Meanwhile, the new Note could come with more powerful features while there may not be any major changes to the design element.

In terms of hardware and specs Note 6 is expected to feature an Exynos or Snapdragon 823 SoC processor, a pattern it has followed with the Galaxy S series. All Galaxy S7 models released in the UAE came with the Exynos processors and Samsung could do the same with the Note.

Similarly, the new Note could feature a more powerful 6GB of RAM - a memory that could match or exceed that of a high end PC.

Last month a Chinese brand Vivo announced that its Xplay 5 will be the world's first smartphone with 6GB of RAM.

Interestingly Xplay 5 has a similar curved-edged screen on both ends like Galaxy S7 edge.

Lenovo, which now owns the Zuk brand, last week announced the ZUK Z2 Pro, a smartphone comes with 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon 820 Chipset.

Samsung could also introduce the IP68 feature into Note 6. The feature that is already present on Galaxy S7 makes the device water resistant for upto 30 minutes under one metre.

Among other features expected on the Note 6 would be a much bigger 4000mAh battery that could last for more than 48 hours, a USB Type-C port and support Android N which Google plans to unveil on May 18. The device will also sport a QHD display.

Meanwhile, there are also reports floating around that the next Note could come with an IRIS scanner. It will obviously come with a fingerprint scanner but Samsung it is said is testing devices that with IRIS scanner. The feature will come with an associated software enhancement with the front cam.

In terms of the camera the device could sport a 12MP rear camera with dual-pixel technology. However, there could be enhanced software advancements to the camera feature.