Saudi farmer kills leopard to avenge camel's death

A Saudi farmer who found one of his camels dead and half eaten decided to take revenge against the killer although he had not known its identity.

The unnamed farmer could find no single clue as to who killed the camel, dragged its body out of the farm and devoured many parts of it.

When he found the half eaten corpse of his female camel, he sat next to it and thought. A “brilliant” idea struck his head.

“He left the remains of his camel where they are and rushed to his house,” Sabq Arabic language newspaper said in a report from the western town of Taif.

“He came back with poison which he stuff into the camel’s body...he went back home and waited impatiently until the next day...when he returned to the site, there it was-an Arabian leopard was lying dead next to the camel....the farmer then knew the killer and realized he avenged his camel.”

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