Spiderman starts his historic ascent of Burj Khalifa


The unusually high wind speed being witnessed across the UAE and particularly at Burj Khalifa has not hampered this evening’s attempt to scale the world’s tallest tower by Alain ‘the Spiderman’ Robert.

 Emirates 24|7 can report tha he has started his astounding attempt from the Fountain side of the world's tallest tower at 808 metres. He is already up several floors with some 500 watching his attempt to create history.

Earlier, Roberts said that he plans to start his climb at around 4.30pm and will complete it in six to seven hours.

“It is a bit windy. I realised it last night and bought a new wind stopper. It is going to be a bit tough but I should be able to handle it,” said Roberts, who will set a new record after he scale the 808-metre high tower.

When asked if this was the first time he would be using a protective safety harness he said, “I have done it before as well. They usually ask me to do so for commercial climbs. I have a special relationship with the UAE and know people here. Therefore, there is no need for me to do the climb in secret,” he said.

Roberts said he had already climbed 43 floors of Burj Khalifa last week and has a feel of what it is going to be like.

After successfully scaling similar towers such as the Eiffel Tower and the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Roberts said he had eyed the Burj ever since the project was announced. “It was in my mind ever since the plan was publicised. There are more to go and my quest will continue,” he added. 

What asked about his nickname based on the fictional superhero Spiderman, he says, “Spiderman is not my cup of tea. Spiderman is fictitious, while I am real. But I am fine being called a Spiderman,” he added.

Roberts who has climbed more than 100 towers plans to scale some more towers in Turkey, France and Singapore after completing the Burj Khalifa.

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