Baby ill after eating biscuits with gecko parts

COLOMBO: The family of a seven-month-old toddler who had taken ill in 2007 after eating contaminated Farley’s baby biscuits, which contained parts of dead gecko, has found reprieve now.

The Sri Lankan court has warrants against seven directors of Delmege Distributors (Pvt) Ltd for selling contaminatead ‘Farley's rusks’, reports Lanka Mirror.
Court records reveal that the complaint was filed by the child’s mother in 2007 after her toddler had to be admitted to hospital following blood in stools.
Medical examinations had then confirmed that the child had 11.8 toxic substance in her blood, which was a result of eating contaminated biscuits.
Further investigations had confirmed that the biscuit can comprised parts of dead gecko.
Upon learning of the incident then, a sales representative of the company had allegedly met with the child’s mother offering the mother compensation and requesting her not to escalate the matter.
On Thursday, Colombo Additional Magistrate Kapila Dushantha Epitawala released the warrant for causing permanent damage to a female child’s health due to consumption of ‘ Farley’s baby biscuit.