Child bites molester, saves mother

A 3-year-old Sri Lankan child saved his mother from a molester by biting his back, the ‘Lankadeepa’ newspaper has reported.

The child was the youngest of the mother’s three children.

The woman had accompanied her 10-year-old daughter and the 3-year-old son to a festival in the area. After spending the day at the venue, they were returning home, about 3km away, at around 6pm.

As they were walking home through dense vegetation, they felt they were followed by someone.

The woman had told police that they then started walking briskly, the man following them pushed her down, causing her to lose her grip on her son’s hand.

While she was being held tightly by the man covering his face with a mask, she screamed for help and her daughter ran away in fear. The attacker then suddenly fled the scene after releasing her, police said.

The little kid had told police that when his mother was struggling with the masked man, he had bitten his back, forcing him to let her go.

When the police arrested the suspect, they saw the child’s teeth marks on his back.



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