Cops shoot Lebanese man in Lanka

Colombo: A Lebanese man allegedly stormed into a popular restaurant in Sri Lanka and assaulted two women with a knife, according to local media reports.

Wellawatte Police, which is investigating the July 8 incident, says that a cop who was on duty nearby the restaurant had to shoot the suspect in order to save the two women.

All three of them have been admitted to Colombo National Hospital and the two women are reportedly critical.

The man and the two women worked at the same studio. According to reports, the suspect, who was a graphic designer, was sacked from the job.

He confronted the two women at the restaurant on the fateful evening and picked up an argument over money, police said.

Hearing customers in the restaurant scream, a cop who was on duty nearby rushed in and saved the women.

The man is married to a Sri Lankan woman and is a resident of Kaduwela, police said.


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