Girl, 16, raped by hospital attendant, pregnant

Attendant is due to go on retirement shortly

A hospital attendant attached to the District Hospital, Chilaw, has been taken into custody for sexually abusing and impregnating a 16-year-old girl who had visited his residence to get a wound dressed, according to the Chilaw Police.

Ceylon Today reported that the attendant, while dressing wounds at the hospital, is reported to be dressing wounds at his residence as well, illegally. The victim is reported to have visited his residence to get a wound dressed on December 30, 2012 when she was abused, it is alleged. The girl had failed to inform her parents about the incident.

Subsequent to complaints of a stomach ache, the girl, being examined at the Chilaw Hospital, was found to be pregnant, and was hospitalised. However, she had fled the hospital and was taken into custody, subsequently. She had then disclosed the facts about the incident.

The attendant is reported to be a resident of Bangadeniya, and is due to go on retirement shortly.

Further investigations are being carried out by a team headed by the OIC Crimes Branch, Manoj, on the instructions of the Chilaw Headquarters Inspector, Ranaraja.

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