Lankan fans attack Tamil protesters in England

Sri Lankan cricket fans and Tamil protesters clash outside Oval grounds in England. (Picture courtesy Lanka Mirror)

A group of young Sri Lankan cricket fans reportedly assaulted a group of Tamil activists who were staging a peaceful protest against the Sri Lankan government at the entrance to Oval grounds in England.

The incident took place after the Sri Lankan national cricket team beat Australia in Champions Trophy.

Over 100 Tamil activists, including children, were issuing leaflets saying people should boycott matches played by the Sri Lankan cricket team as the government in Colombo has committed genocide of Tamil people.

The Sri Lankan fans, who came out excited after their team’s win over Australia, attacked the demonstrators who were wearing yellow T- shirts and holding LTTE flags, with bottles and stones. Several were injured.

A group of young Sinhalas also attempted to grab the poster held by the protestors.

According the media reports, no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Monks attack meat shop

Participating in a protest march against cattle slaughter and religious conversion, Buddhist monks and laymen attached to the Sinhala Ravaya organisation, on Tuesday attacked a meat shop in Tangalle city in southern Sri Lankan and damaged its properties.

The protesters reportedly took out equipment in the meat shop and burnt them, Lanka Mirror reported. Doors and windows of the meat shop were completely destroyed. The meat shop was operating under licence from Tangalle Municipal Council.

‘Adhishtana Pagamana’, a walk organised by  Sinhala Ravaya, started near Katharagama Kirivehera on Saturday June 15. The walk commenced after a protest staged near Kirivehera in which chairman Ven. Akmeemana Dayaratana Thero, convener Ven. Magalkande Sudantha Thero, general secretary Ven. Medille Pangnaloka Thero and 25 other Buddhist monks participated.

The demonstrators spent the night at Vajiragiriya Viharaya after reaching Tangalle and left for Matara on Tuesday morning.