Sri Lankan beauty's 'LBD' secrets revealed

Jacqueline Fernandez. (GETTY)

Jacqueline Fernandez is just few films old but already has a strong foothold in Bollywood.

She will be seen in Race 2. This Sri Lankan beauty is riding high on her fashion fundas too.

However this beautiful model turned actor was in news for refusing to don two-piece bikini in Sajid Khan’s Housefull2.

Jacqueline also had the guts to turn down the offer of turning skimpy for Mahesh Bhat’s Raaz3.

“I feel I look the most beautiful with a clean face, i.e. in my natural self. I feel a sun-kissed face looks more attractive than even one with plastic surgery.

“While in makeup I feel it’s just fine but without make up after I have cleansed my face I feel fresh and so many of my friends have commented about my natural beauty. I like simple beautiful faces and so I like to maintain a simple sun-tanned face.”

“For my first Filmfare award I had worn my signature look of an animal print. I really cherish that look. I feel I looked the best with that typical attire on. The red mouth too I loved the most which is a classic shining look for both day and night,” she says.

Jacqueline’s advice to every girl, “A little black dress in any girl’s wardrobe needs to be there, it comes in handy when one needs to go on an emergency event.

“The black dress makes one look presentable and attractive too. Also a black dress can be adorned with pretty accessories of any colour. But the black dress needs to be kept plain and simple.”

Jacqueline also loves her colours. “I love bright colours. I am not much of a black person yet I keep a black dress for emergencies.”

Much like other actresses Jacqueline loves being casually dressed. “During the day time I love wearing comfortable clothes.

“I focus on accessories like boots, belts and add a bracelet to add to my natural beauty. For the evenings, I like to be immaculately elegant when I go for parties. I like to be feminine in every way. My bag and shoes I chose need to match my dress rightly.”

About her style statement she says, “Style to me is inimitable definition of myself. Style changes according to my moods I always prefer to bring out my persona well in whatever dress I choose to wear.”

“I do not crave for any trends. I don’t think trends exist. All that is old turns new after a few years.

“Actually trend according to me is what an individual may create for self. Like now sixties and seventies trend is coming back in vogue. I feel whatever I think about my dress become a trend for myself and may be for others if like my style statement.”

“My favourite designer is Mandira Wirk. She always designs impressive wonderful stuff which also ranks as classy. Anything she designs for my persona it befits me very well. It is a fact she knows all my measurements that I need not worry while she designs dresses for me.”

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