Sufouh, Marina jams gone?

The RTA has stated commuters will pay Dh3 to travel across the 11 stations on the Dubai Tram route. (FILE)

With three days to go for the Dubai Tram to begin operations, residents in areas surrounding Al Sufouh and Dubai Marina communities are hopeful the ‘affordable fare’ on the city’s latest public transport facility will encourage more people to forgo their cars.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has stated commuters will pay Dh3 to travel across the 11 stations on the Dubai Tram route, which quantifies as a single zone; while those paying via the red tickets will be charged a flat rate of Dh4.

Parth Parekh, who is a resident of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), said: “The pricing structure works really well for those looking to use an alternate to the car park that pass off as roads along Dubai Marina and Al Sufouh.

“For residents, as concern traffic jams, we are hopeful.”

Zayed Al Mansouri, a resident of Dubai Marina and one of the few who lives near the JLT tram station, which will be one of the two that will be linked to the Dubai Metro (the second being Damac Station), said: “I think the Dh3 pricing and the connectivity between the juggernaut that is Dubai Metro and the tram will really help curb traffic jams in the area.

“Earlier, people would still hesitate not to bring their cars to this area because of connectivity issues and a lack of taxis available during peak hours.

“The integration between the two modes of public transport will hopefully encourage more people to park their cars at home and find their way here for less than Dh10.”

Faisal Iqbal, a JBR resident added: “Anything that could possibly bring about even five less cars down Al Sufouh Road will make me happy. We all have great expectations from the RTA and the tram services.”

Kaveri Anjum, a student at Knowledge Village, where Station 11 has been erected, said: “For students such as myself, the pricing benefits will be quite good.

“There was limited connectivity between Knowledge Village and the Dubai Internet City Metro station.

“Now, we have the flexibility and the means to hop onto the tram from one of the Metro connecting stations and save more money.”

The social media scene is also abuzz, with Srivi Laxman tweeting: “Dubai Tram fares from Dh3. Superb pricing! Can’t wait to try it.”

Sana Chikhalia tweeted: “Who all are excited for Dubai Tram, only a week left.”

Dubai Tram will officially launch on November 11 and run across 11 stations.

The tram will open to the public only on November 12, connecting Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Beach Residence with Al Sufouh, running on a single track initially before new loops are introduced in the coming months.

Abdul Redha Abu Al Hassan, Director of Rail Planning and Design at RTA’s Rail Agency said earlier: “Initially, the tram will run on a single loop from Al Sufouh Station and those who want to travel mid-way will have to reach the end of the journey and return in a giant circle.

“However, after two to three months, we will introduce a special loop for passengers looking to specifically travel in the JBR and Marina area.”

According to the RTA, the Dubai Tram can ferry up to 405 passengers, across seven cabins that will be divided across several travel classes, including Gold, Silver, Women and Children and one that is disable friendly.

The tram will be able to travel at the maximum speed of 50kmph, but will average 30kmph, according to the RTA, with 60 fixed seats and 12 tip-up seating.

The JLT and the Damac Station will be directly linked to the Dubai Tram stations, while two of the stations will also have link to the water buses, taxis and the Dubai Ferry.

Meanwhile, Station 9 will have the largest car parking space and will offer a direct link to The Palm Monorail.

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