Swallowed fish takes bites out of boy's tummy

In a bizarre reflection of the adage ‘when hunter becomes hunted,’ a tiny fish found its way into the stomach of a 10-year-old boy and started taking bites inside.

Gulf News reported that Mohammed Rizwan, a fisher-boy, from a small fishing village Surajpur in Kishanganj district in Bihar accidentally swallowed a live fish.

Authorities were quoted as saying that a 500 gram fish slipped through Rizwan’s fingers and into his mouth when he was trying to remove it from the net.

The boy tried to get hold of the fish, but the creature managed to slip out of his hands each time he made an effort.

He then held the net with both hands and tried to catch the fish using his mouth, but the fish suddenly slipped through his mouth and went straight into his stomach and started stinging.

Rizwan was immediately rushed to the Mata Gujari Medical College and Hospital at Kishanganj where the doctors tried their best to get the fish out of his stomach but failed.

With his condition deteriorating rapidly, the boy was transferred to another hospital at Siliguri in West Bengal where doctors managed to extract the fish from his stomach.

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