#TheSchrödingerCat: Is cat going up or down?


After ‘the dress’, now comes this cat.

The question is simple: Is it going up or downstairs?

The picture, first published on image-sharing website Imugr, has now gone viral sparking a huge debate on which direction the cat is headed in.

One argument is that we're inclined towards is that he's heading downstairs, because of protrusions sticking up out of the edge of the stairs.

At least on physics expert has come out with an explanation as well.

Schrödinger’s cat is the name of a hypothetical experiment devised by physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 to illustrate the nature of tiny particles like electrons and atoms.

What do you think?


What colour is #TheDress? And why it broke the internet [video]


It’s the latest internet viral and has won this week’s title for ‘craziest internet story’ quite easily.

It began as a simple debate between family and friends – what is the colour of this dress?

According to bbc.com,  Alana MacInnes, of Uist, and Caitlin McNeill, from Colonsay, sought views on Tumblr about whether it was gold and white or blue.

Fashion bloggers caught on and soon, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post and ‘Wired’ were in on it.

On Twitter the hashtag #TheDress was quickly top trending.

#TheDressIsWhiteAndGold and #TheDressBlueAndBlack, soon followed.

And then, it burst forth on the internet, with Wired looking at the science of colour perception and professors joining in on the discussion and yes, of course, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Jaden Smith and Kim Kardashian began tweeting.

Kim saw white and gold - but her husband Kanye West saw blue and black.
Buzzfeed's online story about the dress has been shared more than 20 million times.

Its post about the story also set a record for the website when 670,000 people went on to the site at the same time.



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