Tiger stalls traffic on busy Doha street


A runaway tiger has been caught on camera, and later by a handler, after it literally brought traffic to a standstill on a busy Doha street.

The rogue tiger is visible in a short video, weaving between vehicles at a standstill, which some have pointed out could be February 22nd street in the Qatari capital.

While a date and time stamp of the video is unclear, residents in Doha stated that the video had been circulated across WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

A corresponding picture was later posted on Twitter with the tiger placed on a leash by a handler; however, another also showed the renegade wild animal on the loose, while dragging the leash behind.

Social media erupted with a volley of tweets, with a Doha Tiger Twitter handle also emerging as a spoof.

Details are still awaited from authorities on the capture of the tiger.


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