Torrential rains lash UAE; 222m gallons of water; flooding in parts

The Mountainous areas from Fujairah to Ras Al Khaimah attracted yesterday thousand visitors and families after the heavy rains

The Al Hajjar mountain range, stretching from Fujairah to Ras Al Khaimah attracted thousands of visitors and families over the UAE after heavy rains lashed the region over the weekend.

Over 222 million gallons of water was harvested in the UAE's dams, following the rainfall in the past three days.

Dr Matar Hamed Al Neyadi, Under-secretary of the Energy Ministry, said the ministry, in line with the cabinet resolution no. 7 for 2016, mandating it to handle the country's water sector, was working to realise the objectives of the strategy for developing water resources, avoiding risks of floods and sustaining water harvesting techniques.

He added that the ministry started in early October, in collaboration with strategic partners, its annual dam inspection programme, in preparation for the rainy season.

Al Neyadi urged visitors of dams and wadis to exercise extreme caution.

Meanwhile, visitors toured with their vehicles in the northern emirates, including central areas of Sharjah, while enjoying the atmosphere and stunning scenery of valleys and dams.

Sharjah Police, however, had to close the road to Kalba’a, the part located in Wadi Al Halo from both directions because of heavy rains, leading to flash floods in the area.

Sharjah Police also called on drivers and road users to exercise caution when driving through the streets influenced by the rains.

Yesterday Torrential rains yesterday lashed so many areas of Fujairah and the southern border of RAK such as Shawka and Barak and al Manai areas.

The areas of Al Manai, Masfoot and Shawka have seen heavy rains ranged between medium and heavy which resulting to flood levees and flow of water in the valleys on the main road leading to Sharjah, Kalba’a towards Fujairah and Kalba’a.

Sharjah Police had to stop traffic on the highway because of the speed flow of water accompanied with stones in Wadi Shawka and Wadi Al Layat that led to the closure of the road after rising water levels in the stream valley.

Police and the competent authorities endeavored to secure the movement of vehicles in the area, keeping drivers from exposure to the drifting accidents or drowning, which led to jostle hundreds of vehicles on the highway for about three hours.