Twitter suspends Saudi Islamic online service

Twitter social network has suspended a new website launched by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs to transmit religious news and promote dialogue between Moslems worldwide, a Saudi newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Twitter gave no reason for suspending “Assakina for dialogue” website service and Saudi officials said they had tried in vain to reach the global network to seek explanation for its move, Alriyadh Arabic language daily said.

“We have written to Twitter to know the reasons for their decision but we have not received any reply…we are still trying to contact them to know their motives since this site conforms to copyrights laws and does not violate any rule,” the paper quoted Assakina manager Yehya Al Zahrani as saying.

“We have launched this website with the aim of promoting moderation, renouncing violence, and spreading peace and moderate Islamic concepts around the world…we have intensified our campaign on Twitter over the past period but it was mainly intended to warn against seditions.”

According to its website (www.assakina.com), Assakina (tranquility) said its campaign is intended to spreading its ideas on websites, forums and groups with the aid of a multi-disciplinary team to achieve the Campaign goals with the most suitable and effective methods and techniques.

“Propagating for the Campaign and interacting with the public should be done in a personal and friendly way,” it said.

“Through these websites, the correct concepts will be presented and the deviating ideas will be refuted. The discussion may be public or via personal e-mails but either way, we will focus on the religious content.”

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