Two aircraft flying from UAE to Pakistan escape mid-air collision

Two passenger aircraft flying from the UAE to Pakistan escaped a mid-air collision disaster in Pakistan airspace on Friday morning, reports
One flight was flying from Abu Dhabi to Lahore while the other flight was on its way from Dubai to Lahore on Friday early morning when disaster was avoided after aircraft collision avoidance system activated and alerted the pilots about imminent disaster.

Without identifying the airlines, Pakistan media reports said both were foreign carriers.

The flights were flying over the Pakistani city of Pasni at 1am local time on Friday morning when both the aircraft had come closer to a collision but aircraft collision avoidance system activated and alerted the pilots. Both the aircraft were flying at 34,000-feet altitude.

Reports said audio frequency was not functioning properly because Pasni radar had malfunctioned and communication between the pilot and air-controller was not taking place at the regular intervals.

The reports didn’t disclose the number of passengers flying in the two aircraft.

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