UAE fighter jets strike Houthis

As part of Operation Al Hazm Storm, UAE fighter jets launched air strikes against Houthi-controlled targets in Yemen, later safely heading back to their bases.

The strikes targeted air defence systems in Sana'a, Sa'ada and Hudaida, as well as surface-to-surface missiles, command and control centres, and logistics storage and supply centres in Ma'reb.

The UAE is participating in operations in Yemen as part of a Saudi-led Arab coalition of over ten countries to protect the Yemeni people and their legitimate government from the violent and extremist Houthi militias.

Fighter jets contributing to operations in Yemen include 30 jets from the UAE, 100 from Saudi Arabia, 15 from Kuwait, 15 from Bahrain and 10 from Qatar. Also participating are forces from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and Pakistan.

The Arab coalition has since struck at the Houthi rebels, who control vast areas of Yemen.

Video courtesy YouTube via Al Bayan


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