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UAE takes part in Arab League meeting

The UAE on Saturday participated in a meeting of the permanent representatives of Arab countries to the Arab League, held to discuss preparations for the 27th Arab Summit, which will be held in Nouakchott, Mauritania, on July 25 and 26.

The UAE delegation was headed by Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Juma Mubarak Al Jenaibi. The delegation includes Hani bin Huwaiden, In-Charge of UAE Permanent Mission to the Arab League.

The meeting, chaired by Bahrain's Representative, Shaikh Rashid bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, was attended by Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit.

The chief of the pan-Arab organisation welcomed the UAE representative who was participating for the first time in such a meeting since he presented his credentials.

Underlining the importance of the forthcoming Arab summit, he expressed the hope that it would contribute significantly to joint pan-Arab action and serve the interests of the Arab Nation.

He said that he would present the Arab leaders his report on the overall situation in the Arab region, the challenges facing it as well as the achievements made by the Arab League since the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit. The secretary-general added that he will also present his vision on the required joint Arab action and reforms of the Arab League.     

Describing the current situation in the Arab region as "extremely difficult due to existential threats facing many countries”, Aboul-Gheit said he is prepared to visit all Arab capitals to meet with leaders.

Thanking all Arab countries for endorsing his nomination in March for the position of secretary-general, he pledged to elevate the efficiency of the Arab League so it would have a "voice and power that clearly reflect Arab position on all Arab issues”.

"The Arab League will commit itself fully to serving the Arab nations. Arab political action has made some achievements," he said, stressing that "the will of Arab states has the final say in Arab political action."

He stressed the importance of reviving Arab economies and bolstering pan-Arab national security for creating influence for Arabs in international organisations such as the United Nations. He said he was prepared to put forth initiatives and visions to address the current situation facing the Arab Nation and individual Arab states.

On his part, the permanent representative of Bahrain, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the Arab League, expressed the hope that the new chief of the organisation would be able to advance its performance to serve the aspirations of Arab peoples using his vast political experience.

Noting that the current situation in the Arab region is "highly critical and dangerous due the threats posed by the spread of terrorism and extremist organisations to the security of the whole Arab region and Arab states."

Stressing the importance of joint regional and international efforts to eliminate terrorism and dry up its sources.

The Bahraini representative further condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia which he described as "criminal acts that will not affect the Saudi people nor will it undermine their security, unity and solidarity behind their wise leadership."

Denouncing the recent terrorist attack in the Karrada neighbourhood in Baghdad, Iraq, as well as the recent attacks in Bahrain, he said "these crimes will not succeed in undermining the security and national fabric of Bahrain"

The chair of the Council of the Arab League praised Kuwait for taking measures recently to protect its security and condemned the recent terrorist attack in the French city of Nice. He expressed sympathy of the Arab states with the victims of the attack.