US denies predicting that earthquake will hit UAE, GCC

US Geological Survey (USGS) has absolutely denied issuing any report predicting that a powerful earthquake could hit the UAE and GCC countries between 25 to 30 April.

Wendy Baldwin of the USGS affirmed to 24 News service that the alleged report was untrue and lacked credibility as the USGS only publishes news of earthquakes that had already occurred and not those projected to happen.

According to him, the technology of predicting earthquake is not available till now.

As he regretted the panic the alleged report has created among people of the said countries, Baldwin explained the USGS affirmed to those contacted it that it didn't make any prediction in that regards and that earthquake is a natural seismic activity that no one can predict it.

In response to the rumour that had gone viral on social media networks, the National Centre of Metereology and Seismology has issued a statement denying it and said the information is false because earthquakes can never be predicted.



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