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08 December 2023

Video: Dubai 'ghost' car with no steering wheel? Try the backseat

By Bindu Suresh Rai

Backseat driving takes on a whole new meaning for this Dubai-based garage, which has created quite a stir across social media platforms with the unveiling of a souped-up car that takes the aforementioned term, err, quite literally.

A local garage has taken a 2008 Nissan Patrol 4WD and decided to give the car a makeover, one that does away with the need of a conventional front steering wheel.

Before you go, ‘say what now?’, the boys at King of Customs unveiled the vehicle on YouTube earlier this month, which has already earned the tag of a ‘ghost car’ for its ability to drive without the basic necessities.

The viral video has already garnered nearly 809,000 views in one week for its seemingly steering-less drive.

Watch the 4.56 minute video unfold and what you will see is the controls of the Nissan Patrol, complete with the steering, the brakes, accelerator, the gear box and the speedometer now modified to take up the centre backseat; the rear passengers simply park themselves in front of the car.

Designed by garage owner Ali Saeed, with his assistant Marvin, the concept car has been designed on special order according to the latter, when Emirates 24|7 contacted the garage, with the Nissan Patrol design concept taking a near three-painstaking months to complete.

The introductory video to the ‘ghost car’ has the cameraman explain that the front panels have been replaced with computers, with the rearview mirror also been stripped away to redesign the interiors of the Nissan Patrol.

“Open the backdoor and you will see a miracle,” states the cameraman.

The miracle in question is the vehicle designer himself, introducing his souped-up concept car, before taking the car for a spin around the block to show viewers that it does actually work too.

Proceed with caution

While many viewers have praised accolades on the designer for his modified 4WD, others have questioned the sheer safety of driving such a vehicle on Dubai roads and it’s very legality.

Hubrasi commented on the YouTube video: “If you did this just to prove than you can do it then good job, it is very challenging and not easy, so congratulations.

“However, if you did it because you think the original design doesn’t work then you are wrong and this modification will limit the capabilities of the car and the driver and your safety and the safety of the people on the road.”

Patrick S mentioned: “To bring such a car to the streets of Dubai, is a death sentence to the likes of us. There is no rearview mirror to begin with; the ability to gauge distances is skewed, and even the judgement of changing lanes is completely off.

Abdul Basr wrote: “I can just see it now, some kid trying to show off this car on the UAE roads at speeds of 120kmph and doing something rash.”

Fahad Askar simply asked: “I didn’t get the point. Okay it is something, let’s say different, but what is the reason behind this?”

John Paul wanted to know: “Is it even legal to drive something like that over there?”

While the legality is still debatable, if you do happen to notice a steering-less car barrelling down in the coming few weeks, atleast you will know there’s no ghost in that machine.



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