Video: Dubai police stop woman stunt driving with 5 children in car

Dubai traffic police chief says one girl nearly fell off the car at a roundabout

Dubai’s traffic police patrolling roads late night at the weekend to ensure discipline stumbled across a four-wheel car driven by a woman in a reckless way with five little girls dangling their bodies out of the windows—a scene that caused public panic in the area and triggered a deluge of phone calls to the police. 

When the vehicle reached Warqa and turned a roundabout, one little girl who had almost half her body out of the window appeared to have slipped inside the car and nearly fell off before she regained her balance. 

Instead of intercepting the car, the police patrol kept tailing the vehicle quietly to avoid confusing the driver and causing an accident.

In the end, the car was stopped and confiscated by the patrol, sparking protests by the woman who quickly denied accusations she was involved in stunt driving and endangered the lives of children. 

The woman was accompanied with five little girls aged 6, 8, 10, 12 and

14 years. When she accused the police of over-reacting by impounding her car, they showed her a film they shot while chasing her vehicle through the emirate’s streets. 

“Our men noticed that two girls were dangling their bodies out of the right windows of the car while one was at the left side…a fourth girl was sitting on top of the vehicle,” Dubai’s traffic police chief major general Mohammed Al Zafin said. 

“The car was spotted at around 2.00 am…one girl who was dangling her body out nearly fell off the car after she apparently slipped inside while the car was turning a roundabout in Warqa…but she struggled and regained her balance by clutching to the seat…she narrowly escaped a serious accident.” 

Zafin spoke to the Arabic language daily Emarat Al Youm, which carried a 67-second police film showing the four-wheel vehicle while it was shadowed by the patrol.


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