Video: Last images of Emirati brothers before they went missing at sea

Three people have been saved from drowning in the sea off Dhofar, Al Bayan reports.

Latest: 'Al Bayan' has published a YouTube video that it said shows the last footage of two Emirati brothers before they went missing in the sea near Mirbat in Dhofar.

The video was taken by friends who accompanied them on the trip to Oman and was taken at lunch.

A search is still underway for the missing brothers

Earlier report:

A serious drowning incident has left several Emiratis dead, though the exact number of dead is still not clear with at least two still missing.

Civil Defence authorities confirmed to Emarat Al Youm that the number of persons who drowned was seven while five were rescued. The search for the missing two is still on.

It is still not clear if all seven are Emiratis or only four are.

Emirati and Omani sources have confirmed to Al Bayan that three people have been saved from drowning in the sea off Dhofar.

However, the sources confirmed that a search is under way for two brothers who are still missing.

The General Authority for Civil Defence and Emergency rescued four people, Al Bayan said.

Omani News Network reported that the two missing at sea are from the United Arab Emirates and marine rescue efforts are continuing the search for them.

Muhammad Ali one of the survivors is quoted by Al Bayan as saying that four members of one family were swimming in the sea in Mirbat and the sea was calm.

“Suddenly the sea rose and with the waves I was able to return to the beach.

“Ten minutes later I was screaming at my cousins to return quickly, but no one heard me because of the high waves.

He added: “Abdullah Al Shamsi my cousin returned safely to the beach and when he did not find his brother he returned again to the sea to save him.

“He did not listen to our advice and unfortunately the two are missing.”

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