Video: Men dressed as women held in Saudi, Kuwait

Policemen patrolling the area suspected the way the 'woman' was behaving. (Pic courtesy: Al Watan)

Kuwait’s police arrested a Pakistani man near a mosque disguised as a woman and speaking on his mobile phone, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Two policemen patrolling the area suspected the way the presumed woman was behaving and asked for her ID card, the Arabic language daily ‘Al Watan’ said.

“They were surprised to find that he was a man. He had a face veil and was wearing women’s clothes,” the paper said.

Kuwait has intensified security near its mosques following a deadly attack on a mosque in the capital Kuwait City last week.

Saudi cops drag man ‘dressed as woman’ out of mall

Saudi Arabia’s religious police were caught on camera dragging a local man out of a shopping mall.
A brief YouTube film showed two members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice pushed the man towards their car.

‘Ajel’ newspaper, which published the film, said the man was caught disguised in women’s clothes inside the mall.

It did not say where in Saudi Arabia the mall is located, but added viewers of the film were divided into supporters and opponents of the way the man was arrested.

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