Villagers rescue stranded whale on Chinese beach

A whale that ran aground was saved Monday in the city of Zhanjiang, south China's Guangdong Province.

Local villagers found the five-meter-long grey-colored whale lying on the beach 20 meters away from the shoreline, breathing feebly due to dehydration and prolonged exposure to the scorching sun. More than 50 villagers, policemen and fishery officials joined in the rescue operation.

But the whale flapped its tail every time the rescuers tried to come near it.

People had to spray water onto the whale and called the fishery department and the border guards for help. Rescuers dug a ditch to channel the sea water to the side of the whale to help watering it before they moved it into the sea.

It took the rescuers more than an hour to help the whale swim deeper into the sea.