What Sony's underwater Dubai store will look like

Underwater concept store to host first-ever technology showcase at a depth of 4 metres

Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa has unveiled the aquatic design of the world’s first underwater store to be located at The World Islands off the coast of Dubai, and has announced that the store will be open for just three days.

To be called the Xperia Aquatech Store, this underwater concept store will host the first-ever technology showcase at a depth of four meters, Sony Mobile said.

The firm claims it to be a feat of underwater architecture, with the concept store with a diameter of 4 meters that will sit on the seabed at a depth of 4 meters (depending on the tide) and will be able to host six people at a time – four customers and two product experts.

Trained divers will escort shoppers to its underwater shop where people will be able to stand on the seabed and breathe perfectly normally while browsing Sony’s water resistant phones, tablets and accessories.

The store is set to debut off the coast of Dubai on December 3, and will be open for three days. It will welcome a number of visitors from competition winners to VIPs as well as a large number of regional and international media.

The interior environment will be a WiFi-enabled semi-wet environment, visitors will be able to stand on the seabed with the water up to their waist. The dry top section will allow the occupants to breathe freely, as they explore the full waterproof range of Xperia devices, it said.

“With the Xperia Aquatech Stores, we wanted to put Sony’s pioneering waterproof technology on its smart devices at the forefront in a manner that would deliver an unforgettable experience to guests and fans in a visually, and emotionally powerful way,” said Spyros Gousetis, Director of Marketing, at Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa.

The underwater store was the brainchild of the company’s regional creative agency, FP7 Dubai, obviously to drill home the waterproof features of Sony’s new range of gadgets.

“The Xperia Aquatech store has been conceived to perfectly fit within the underwater element where it will be situated, and stir an emotional response from those that will see it,” said Sasan Saeidi, Managing Director of FP7 Dubai.

Sony said winners and their guest will be trained on the day of the event prior to the store visit, which will then be carried out under the supervision of highly qualified diving professionals and experts.

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