Woman’s pimp exposes racket

A woman who complained to the police about a man forcing her into prostitution, was arrested for choosing to be involved in the sex trade out of her own will, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AK, 23, Pakistani visitor approached the Al Qusais police station and complained that her compatriot MK, was forcing her into prostitution after forcing her to consume alcohol.

Police investigated the complaint after releasing AK, considering her a victim.

Investigations showed that the complainant is a regular customer at a nightclub in a hotel in Al Rifaa area.

It was also revealed that she had been arrested by Al Rifaa police station in 2014 for consuming alcohol.

"The night before lodging her complaint against MK she was in a nightclub consuming alcohol in the same hotel in Al Rifaa area," a police officer testified.

A security guard who works in the nightclub testified that the woman is a regular client.

Police then found out that the complainant had offered sex to her compatriot YA out of her own will.

Police summoned the woman and YA.

The 28-year-old, man who works as a porter, admitted to having sex with the woman, in a hotel in Naif for money.

The woman admitted to police to offering sex out of her own will to men, but claimed that MK collects the money.

Police found out that MK, 25, salesman, rents a flat in Al Qusais area.

Police have also arrested MK.

The court will reconvene on August 25.