£100,000 McPath links school & McDonald's

A town council in Britain is spending £100,000 on a footpath from a school gate to the nearest McDonald’s outlet.

During every snack break, about 200 students shun school meals to walk along the grass verge of a busy road to the burger bar, reports Daily Mail.

A footpath, already being nicknamed the ‘McPath’, is being built to make the half-mile walk safer – and the school’s head and governors are supporting it, said the daily.

At the start of National Childhood Obesity Week, British Dietetic Association spokesman Melissa Little told the daily that the children would ‘benefit far more’ from staying in school to eat balanced meals.

However, a council spokesman said road safety was ‘far more important than risking more pupils eating fast food’.

Clearly, the adults are divided on the issue of balanced diet and road safety.


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