4,320 speeding offences a day in UAE during Ramadan

: The road leads to Ghuwaifat, and then Qatar and Saudi Arabia. (Shutterstock)

Drivers in the UAE committed 86,422 speeding offences on roads in just 20 days during the fasting month of Ramadan, an average 4,320 offences a day.

Police data showed a large number of those offences involved exceeding the speed limit by a maximum 40 kph, standing at  around 36,235 offences.

The figures, published in the Arabic language daily Al Bayan, showed there 879 offences involving exceeding the speed limit by at least 60 kph.

"Speeding is a serious offence in the UAE and other countries…such offences are a major cause of accidents on the country’s roads,"  said Brigadier Gaith Al Zaabi, director the traffic coordination division at the Interior Ministry.

"Exceeding the speed limit by more than 60 kph is the most serious offence as it causes deadly accidents in most cases."


Image via Shutterstock

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