Air India increases baggage limit back to 40kg

The airline has increased baggage allowance in lieu of the forthcoming peak season (FILE)

Air India has decided to allow additional check in baggage to passengers travelling to India for one month starting tomorrow.

Air India increases check-in baggage allowance by 10kilos for passengers travelling to India beginning June 1 (tomorrow).

Passengers can take 40kgs as check-in baggage for a month.

Air India had earlier reduced the limit of check-in baggage to 30kg per passenger.

The airline, however, has conceded to extra baggage allowance considering the peak season as schools will close for annual summer holidays.

June is considered to be the peak travel season when many Indian expatriates travel home for holidays and the airline’s decision to reduce the baggage was widely criticised as an attempt to add to the burden of expatriate Indians.

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