Bahraini court revokes citizenship

A police officer searches a man as he arrives to perform Friday prayers in the village of Diraz west of Manama, June 12, 2015. (AFP)

Advocate General, President of the Terror Crimes Prosecution, Ahmed Al Hammadi, announced that the High Criminal Court ruled in the case of 61 accused in connection with a terror group.

The court sentenced five defendants to life imprisonment, 22 to 15 years in jail, 29 to 10 years and one to three years.

Four defendants were acquitted, according to Bahrain News Agency, BNA.

The court handed a BD500 fine to all the convicts, but fined six of them BD10,000 each.

It also revoked the citizenship of all the convicts, except the third one.

The Public Prosecution charged the first defendant with setting up, in the period from 2012 to December 2013, an illegal group which adopted terrorist tactics to achieve its goals by attacking policemen, targeting vital sites and security locations, including an embassy, sparking chaos and fomenting seditions.

The Public Prosecution charged the other defendants with joining a terrorist group, receiving money, firearms, ammunitions and explosives with the intent of carrying out terror acts and subverting security.

The Public Prosecution also charged them with getting trained by foreigners in order ­to carry out terrorist acts and levelled charges against them for helping other accused involved in crimes to leave the country illegally.

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