List of places where a new virus has been confirmed


China has confirmed more than 2,700 cases of a new virus, with 80 deaths. Most have been in the central city of Wuhan where the illness first surfaced last month. More than 40 cases have been confirmed in other places with virtually all of them involving Chinese tourists or people who visited Wuhan recently.

Some details on cases confirmed as of midday Monday in Beijing:

- China: 2,744, with 769 of those newly confirmed in the 24 hours through midnight Sunday. Five are in Hong Kong and two in Macao. Nearly all of the 80 deaths have been in Hubei province, with four elsewhere in China.

- United States: 5, 2 in southern California and 1 each in Washington state, Chicago, and Arizona.

- Thailand: 8

- Australia: 5

- South Korea: 4

- Japan: 4

- Singapore: 4

- Malaysia: 4

- France: 3

- Taiwan: 3

- Vietnam: 2

- Canada: 1

- Nepal: 1

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