Pain as child stuck in well for 86 hours loses life

Amitabh Bachchan leads India in mourning for tragic loss

Untold prayers and round-the-clock rescue teams were unable to help four-year-old Mahi, whose 86-hour ordeal finally ended with the child losing the battle for her life after being pulled out of a 70-feet deep borewell earlier today.

Gurgaon District Magistrate PC Meena confirmed the news of Mahi’s death in a media statement.

The young girl was rescued earlier today and immediately rushed to Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) hospital in Manesar district of Haryana.

The rescue operation lasted over three days after the young girl fell in the borewell at Kho village in Manesar while playing with her friends on her fourth birthday.

Eighty hours after launching the operations, the rescue team succeeded in reaching the child on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, the Indian government brought in a specialised team of experts from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to aid in the rescue efforts, after the army rescue team admitted failure in cutting through a rock blocking the rescue tunnel.

But all the efforts couldn’t save the young child Condolences pour in Many took to Twitter as news broke of Mahi’s untimely death, with Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan being one of the first few to tweet: “I hope this is incorrect. But hearing from authorities that little Mahi has not survived. So sad and depressing.”

Even bad boy Salman Khan took to Twitter earlier to vent his anger saying: “So angry; why don’t these idiots cover borewells? Hope and pray that Mahi survives; poor baby, had to suffer 85 hours because of careless grownups.”

Dubai resident Kajal ‏C tweeted: “Cannot watch this anymore. Heart bleeds for you Mahi.”

Anger and frustration were the emotions of the hour as many vented their rage at authorities for not passing laws that requires borewells covered, which could have averted this tragedy.

Said Akshay Khanna: “Precious innocent life lost because of sheer carelessness of the state administration. This was not an accident but a cold blooded murder.”

Radhika Ghose said: “RIP Mahi. We will fight for your parents; they deserve to not have your death turn into another statistic.”

Nish B. tweeted: “Media’s passing the buck and putting the blame on ‘unprofessional’ army. I have few more people on which blame can be passed: nearby tea-maker, land owner.”

Anurag Rekhi tweeted: “Bet a lunatic sitting somewhere will say it was Mahi’s fault to have fallen down; this is our nation expect a four year old to understand.”

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