Paris Hilton to wed at 30

Socialite Paris Hilton has said she would "love" to get married and have a baby once she turns 30 next month. The heiress and reality star admitted that approaching the milestone age is "scary" but makes her feel more ready than ever to settle down and start a family, reported Contactmusic.

When asked whether she wanted to start making such changes in her life, Hilton, who has been dating Las Vegas club mogul Cy Waits for almost a year, said, "Yeah definitely! I'd love that."

And in her typical style Hilton is busy throwing her energy into organising birthday celebrations.

"We're planning a lot of big parties around it. I'm so excited!"

Hilton, who was engaged to Jason Shaw in 2002 and then to Paris Latsis in 2005, also said she couldn't "keep track" of "rumours going around" that she is already planning to marry Waits.

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