Suspect in girl's killing dodged warrant for decade

The baby-sitter facing murder charges in the grisly killing of an Indiana girl evaded a warrant for his arrest on probation violation charges for more than 11 years, officials said on Wednesday.

Mike Plumadore, 39, was arrested on Monday after he confessed to killing nine-year-old Aliahna Lemmon, dismembering her with a hacksaw, dumping most of her body in a nearby trash can but stashing her head, hands and feet in his freezer, according to an affidavit filed on Tuesday.

Plumadore, a neighbor and friend of the victim's family, was baby-sitting the little girl and her two sisters last week, when the nine-year-old was reported missing.

Officials in Indiana have not yet said what Plumadore's motive may have been for killing the girl.

Ann Howard, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections, said on Wednesday that Plumadore was charged with battery of a first-responder in that state more than a decade ago and was given felony probation.

But he subsequently failed to report to his probation officer, fulfill his community service hours or complete an anger management course. So he was reported an absconder on June 29, 2000 and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

That warrant was still active on Monday, when Plumadore told Indiana investigators where to find the little girl's dismembered remains and was arrested in connection with her death.

Plumadore's next Indiana court appearance is scheduled for Friday Dec. 30, when he is expected to be officially charged with murder, according to Allen County Prosecutor's spokeswoman Danielle Edenfield.

He's currently being held without bond at the Allen County Jail.


EARLIER STORY: Trusted babysitter chops baby up into pieces

A babysitter and trusted neighbor has confessed that he bludgeoned a 9-year-old Indiana girl to death with a brick then dismembered her, hiding her head, hands and feet at his home and dumping the rest of her remains nearby, police said on Tuesday.

Allen County sheriff's investigators said in an affidavit that 39-year-old Michael Plumadore admits he killed Aliahna Lemmon on Dec. 22.

According to the affidavit, Plumadore told police that after beating Aliahna to death, he stuffed her body into trash bags and hid her in the freezer at his trailer. He said he later chopped up her body and stuffed her remains into freezer bags.

Police said Plumadore told them he had hidden Aliahna's head, feet and hands at his trailer and that he had discarded her other remains at a nearby business. Police obtained a warrant to search his trailer on Monday and found the body parts.

A judge ordered Plumadore held without bail or bond at an initial hearing on Tuesday, sheriff's department spokesman Cpl. Jeremy Tinkel said. He has yet to be formally charged in Aliahna's death.

Aliahna and her two younger sisters were staying with Plumadore because their mother had been sick with the flu.

Plumadore told The Journal Gazette on Sunday that Aliahna disappeared from his home on Friday morning while he was sleeping after having gone to a gas station about a mile (1.6 kilometers) away to buy a cigar. Authorities have said the store's surveillance video shows him there about that time.

More than 100 emergency workers searched for her on Saturday around the rundown mobile home park where Aliahna and Plumadore lived, and FBI agents were there Monday.

A state website shows that 15 registered sex offenders live in the park that numbers about two dozen homes. Plumadore is not on Indiana's registered sex offenders list. He has a criminal record in Florida and North Carolina that includes convictions for trespassing and assault.



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