WHO: World in a better place after 4 years of pandemic

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of World Health Organisation (WHO), expressed his hope for the end of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2023, especially that the world is in a much better place with the beginning of the fourth year of the pandemic.

In a press conference at WHO's headquarters in Geneva today, Dr. Ghebreyesus said that for most of last year, COVID-19 was on the decline, adding that vaccination increased across the world, as there was sustained progress in many low-and middle-income countries that had been left far behind in 2021.

WHO Director-General affirmed that COVID-19 remains a dangerous virus to health, economies and societies overall, especially in light of the rapid spread of its variants, stating that a new variant has now been identified in more than 25 countries.

“WHO is following closely and assessing the risk of this subvariant and will report accordingly,” Dr. Ghebreyesus explained.

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