World’s most expensive pizza costs Dh777,000… toppings revealed

There’s hardly a more international dish than the pizza – you will find it all over the world, called different names, and with minor variations.

They call it the paratha in India, and stuff the ‘toppings’ inside the base.

They call it the manakeesh here in the UAE – and the rest of the Arab World – and top it with za’atar.

They call it the fugazza in Argentina, and skip the cheese altogether in favour of onions.

They call it the Spanish coca in Catalonia and it could be sweet (or savoury).

It comes in different shapes and sizes, too.

In Palestine, they call it the musakhan and it comes topped with pine nuts.

And it’s among the most easily made.

Simply throw random ingredients from the fridge onto a pizza base and create your own. 

The most expensive pizza!

Believe this – the most expensive pizza costs a whopping Dh777,000 (£146,500) and is aptly called the Royal Pizza.

What makes it so expensive? The toppings are sourced from all over the world – Alba truffles from Italy, winter black truffles from Périgord, Mongra saffron from Kashmir, Almas from Iran, Matsutake mushrooms from Japan and – yes, this is the cherry on the proverbial cake – it has 2 ounces of edible gold. Seriously?

Anyways, here’s the Pizza Topping Encyclopaedia for you. Enjoy!


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