Yemen cut Iran ties last October

Members of the Yemeni coast guard patrol on a boat off the port of the southern city of Aden. (AFP)

The Yemeni foreign ministry on Tuesday stressed that Yemen severed its relations with Iran in October last year in protest of Iran's ‘blatant interference’ in the Yemeni internal affairs.

In a statement, the ministry said on October 2, 2015, Yemen had expelled the Iranian ambassador from Aden and recalled its charge d'affaires from Tehran.

It said the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia's embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashhad represent a continuation of Iran's aggressive policy towards Arabs.

The ministry's statement condemned Iran's interference in Yemen's internal affairs and said Iran seeks to undermine Yemen's security and stability through supporting the rebel Houthi militia and forces loyal to now-ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Iran, the statement noted, has been long supporting the rebel Houthis with training, arms and planning for the coup in collaboration with Saleh.

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