Aging man dialled emergency 971 times to sing

A 72-year-old man dialed the emergency police phone number 971 times in Dubai to sing for them but in court he said he did not know why he had done this.

Dubai’s prosecutor charged the unnamed man with harassing authorities and abusing the operator during some calls. While he confessed to harassing the police, the man denied the abuse charges.

“Police said the man dialed the emergency number (999) 971 times and every time he sang, turned music on or just wanted to chat,” the Dubai-based  Arabic language daily Albayan said on Monday.

“He said he was guilty of harassing authorities but denied the abuse charges…when asked why he was harassing police, he simply replied;’ I don’t know…every time I woke up in the morning I involuntarily called them…I talked about subjects which I don’t remember and I also put on songs for them.”

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