Barber smacks about-to-be-married groom

A Kuwait bridegroom thought it would be better to put finishing touches on his moustaches just before the wedding. So he hurried to a barber shop but instead of getting the styling, he got a smack.

A few hours before the wedding party started in Al Fuhaiheel area in the capital Kuwait city, the groom rushed into a famous Lebanese hair cutting saloon and asked the barber to style his moustaches.

“He just relaxed and closed his eyes…when he opened them later, he was very furious and accused the barber of ruining his moustaches,” the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alanba said.

“An argument ensued and the Lebanese barber, backed by his Syrian assistant, jumped on the Kuwaiti and gave him a good smack…the Kuwaiti reported the two to the police.”

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