Best of web: £1.4million win on a £2 bet

Plumber wins £1.4million on £2 bet

A plumber won £1.4million at a race course in the UK yesterday - with just a £2 bet.

Steve Whiteley, 61, had all six winners at the meeting at Exeter, Devon, to scoop the Tote Jackpot, according to The Sun tabloid.

It is believed to be the biggest win ever for such a small stake.

No horse-racing punter is believed to have ever won so much for such a tiny stake.
The Tote Jackpot prize had not been won since February 27 and the winners' pool had rolled over to stand at £1million at the start of the day. 
Delhi rocked by women shootings


A woman was shot at outside Great India Place mall in Noida, sector 18 today, according to a TV report. Eyewitnesses say that the woman was shot at after an altercation with a car driver. The woman was with her husband. This incident follows a day after a gunman shot and killed a woman student near her college in New Delhi on Tuesday, police said, in a rare daylight shooting that spotlighted violence against women in the Indian capital.

Radhika Tanwar, 21, of Ramlal Anand College, was shot in the stomach at close range on a footbridge 1.5 kilometres (one mile) from the college, police and a faculty member said.

"There was one man who fired at her," police spokesman Rajan Bhagat told AFP, adding that efforts were underway to find the gunman, who fled after the shooting.

The girl bled to death while being taken to hospital by a passer-by, witnesses said.

Other officers said the killer could have been a stalker.

A college professor who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity said the gunman appeared to be a student from a nearby college.

The Indian capital last year registered a total of 489 rapes, compared with 459 in 2009.

Women's rights groups say many attacks also go unreported.

Reported instances of sexual molestation such as groping of women also went up to 585 last year against 528 in 2009, official records show.

The mass-circulation Hindustan Times, citing a local poll, said this month that 66 percent of New Delhi's female residents were molested between two and five times last year.

The attack on International Women's Day came a day after city police chief B.K. Gupta claimed a 44 percent decline in attacks on women in the first three months of 2011 compared with the first quarter of last year.
Supermoon phase to create weather havoc

The world could be in for a bumpy ride next week with an "extreme supermoon" predicted to cause weather chaos.

The moon will pass just 221,567 miles away on March 19 - its closest for 18 years, according to The Sun tabloid.

Some amateur scientists warn it could trigger extreme conditions all over the world, from earthquakes to tsunamis.

Previous supermoons - or "lunar perigees" - happened in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. Each year had extreme weather events.

TV weatherman John Kettley said: "A moon can't cause a geological event like an earthquake, but it will cause a difference to the tide.

"If that combines with certain weather conditions, then that could cause a few problems for coastal areas."
Student has sex while friends film from under the bed

A student had sex with a woman while his two friends filmed them, then threatened to post the footage on Facebook if she complained, a court heard yesterday.
The Daily Mail reported that George Iaponas, 24, wooed his victim on the social networking website and she agreed to come to his room for sex.

Unknown to the woman, Lemar  Garcia, 20, and Shabar Hussain, 21, were hiding under the bed with a  camera, it was said.

After the sex session with the student Iaponas asked if she had ever had a threesome before saying: ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’ and summoning Garcia and Hussain from under the bed.

Garcia had used his digital camera to record Iaponas having sex with the woman, Snaresbrook Crown Court in East London was told.

The disgusted woman threatened to report the trio but was warned her life would be ‘made hell’ and the footage would be posted on Facebook if she complained, the court heard.

Nearly third of young texted while driving?


A new poll shows young drivers are more likely to use cell phones while driving, and that 30 percent of them have recently texted from behind the wheel, U.S. transportation officials said.

The release of the poll came as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called distracted driving "a deadly epidemic."

The poll comes from the magazine Consumer Reports, which is working with the U.S. Department of Transportation on creating awareness about the dangers of cell phone use while driving.

Among the findings are that 63 percent of respondents under 30-years-old reported using a handheld phone while driving in the past 30 days, the Department of Transportation said.

And 30 percent of the drivers texted from behind the wheel in the same time period according to the survey, which had a total of 1,026 respondents.

Older drivers were less likely to talk on the phone behind the wheel, and only 9 percent of those over 30 years-old reported they had recently texted while driving.

LaHood, appearing at the Yonkers, New York, headquarters of Consumer Reports, said teens are more likely to drive distracted because of peer pressure.

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