Best of Web: 36 red cards in one game...

36 red cards shown in one game

ARGENTINA: A referee set a soccer record - by flashing 36 red cards in one game.

Fuming official Damian Rubino sent off all 22 players PLUS their substitutes and technical staff as a mass brawl erupted.

Last night the shaken boss of one of the teams told how he begged police to lock raging opposition players in their dressing room.

Rival Argentinian team Claypole - who beat his side Victoriano Arenas 2-0 - accused the referee of overreacting to the bust-up in Buenos Aires.

Manager Sergio Micieli said: "Most players were trying to separate people. The ref was confused."

The world record was previously held by a 1993 game in Paraguay that saw 20 players sent off.
Girl eats first morsel at 18


MUMBAI: Suffering from a rare deformity that fused her mouth to the skull, Priyanka Salunkhe couldn't speak or eat she had been on a liquid diet until last December

An expert cook at 18, ironically enough, Priyanka Salunkhe could never taste the culinary delights she prepared. In fact, she had been on a semi-liquid diet throughout her young existence, reports Mid-Day.

Last December, however, she got to taste rice and lentils, a first for her.

And food wise, there are bound to be countless more, after surgeons at the BSES municipal hospital cured her with three sequential operations over the course of last year of a rare deformity that fused her mouth nearly shut at birth.

Priyanka was suffering from temporamandibular joint ankylosis, a medical condition in which the lower jaw is fused in the skull, disabling the person to open their mouth.

Doctors suspect that the condition must have been triggered after Priyanka fell prey to typhoid fever five days after she was born.

"I have never chewed food in my life. My mother gave me chapatis soaked in milk. I could not even insert them in my mouth. I pushed the semi-liquid food through my teeth.

But now I can eat everything, speak clearly.  All my friends and family are so happy, and I am happy to see them like this," said Priyanka fighting back tears.
Homeless man returns $1440 he found on street


PENNSYLVANIA: A homeless man cast aside thoughts of his own economic troubles and returned nearly $US1500 ($1419) that he found on the street, KYW-TV reported today.

John Kavanaugh discovered the money after he stepped on an envelope containing $1440 on a street in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and turned it into the local police department.

The envelope had slipped out of a hole in a jacket pocket of attorney Robert Stauffer, who had intended to use the money for a business transaction.

On Thursday, Mr Stauffer presented Mr Kavanaugh with an undisclosed sum of money as a reward for returning the cash.

"Stereotypes are nonsense and you can't judge anybody by how they look or the color of their skin or their religion. You gotta give everybody a chance. If you give them a chance, you would be surprised at what you find out," Mr Stauffer said, according to KYW-TV.

The attorney said he and his law firm will make a donation to the food pantry where Mr Kavanaugh eats. He also said he would check in on Mr Kavanaugh in the future.
The dog that wouldn't die

OKLAHOMA: Meet Wall-e, the three-month-old puppy who miraculously survived being put to sleep and now has a new leash on life.

He was one of a litter of pups found abandoned outside the animal shelter in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  A veterinary surgeon decided they were too sick to survive and put them down.

But although Wall-e was declared dead by the vet, the puppy had other ideas and the following morning Animal Control Officer Scott Prall heard whimpering coming from the dumpster where his body had been placed.

When he looked inside, he found the puppy wandering around.

'He was just as healthy as could be,' Prall told explaining that Wall-e was named after the earth's only survivor, a waste-collecting robot, in the 2008 animated film of the same name.

Local vet Amanda Kloski, from the Arbuckle Veterinary Clinic, took him in, and when his great escape story found its way onto Facebook, the clinic was inundated with calls from people wanting to adopt him.
X-Files: Alien abduction files released


UK: Thousands of files with details of UFO sightings and an "alien abduction" in London have been released for the first time by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The previously classified files contain more than 8500 pages that reveal the UFO phenomenon has been discussed at the highest levels of governments worldwide - and in 1979 the UK
House of Lords held Parliament's only ever full debate among lawmakers on the subject, Sky News reported.

The files, which also contain pictures, described how for a few hours in 1967 a War Of The Worlds -style incident was treated as a potentially real alien invasion of the UK.

Another startling revelation said in the months before the September 11 attacks in 2001, 15 unidentified aircraft were detected on radar approaching the UK and one was detected on the actual day.

In another case a man told the MoD he believed he had been beamed up by an alien craft from his home in Barnes, southwest London.

The files contain pages of UFO sightings and reports, colour photographs and drawings, UK Royal Air Force investigations, unusual radar detections, briefings to lawmakers and - for the first time - documents on the government's policy on UFOs.

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