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06 December 2023

Best of Web: Ghost rider surfs down motorway...

By Staff & Agencies

Ghost rider surfs down motorway on roof of truck - or does he?


FLORIDA: YouTube footage of a man apparently 'ghost riding' his truck along a Florida highway has divided viewers who can't decide if the stunt is genuine or not.

Posted on the video-sharing hub with the enlightening warning, 'Do not try this at home!! It is a very dangerous stunt', the clip shows the man climbing out of his vehicle and onto its roof as it coasts along the road.

To a soundtrack of Mistah FAB's Ghost Ride It (see what they did there?), he stays astride the Ford Bronco for nearly 20 seconds before making his way back into the driver's seat.

Furniture eats mice for energy 

BRITAIN: Designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeauhave have been adapting everyday appliances and furniture to feed on passing insects and dead animals for their power.

Objects around the house can be dangerous if we aren’t looking – but with these new creations, there could be a time when they become positively frightening.

Among their creations are a wall clock and a light powered by trapping flies and a table that feeds on mice.

Auger and Loizeauhave been showing off their ‘carnivorous domestic entertainment robots’ at science exhibitions.

The pair were inspired by a visit to the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, which has been developing robots that power themselves using microbial fuel cells. These extract electrical energy from refined foods such as sugar and unrefined foods such as insects and fruit as well as animals.

Auger admits the robot furniture is provocative. ‘Some people are appalled by it but others are fascinated,’ he said.

‘We play on something that is powerful in human nature, the idea of life and death.’

At the less bloodthirsty end of their work, the clock traps the insects on a belt covered in honey which acts as bait and glue.

The insect-eating light and clock have been tested with live food but animal lovers will be happy to know that no mice have been harmed in the making of the table.

Rat stops flight from taking off

SEATTLE: A flight from Seattle to Denver was stopped moments before take off when a rat was discovered on-board.

The Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737 jet had just left the gate and was taxing to the runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport when the rodent was spotted scurrying in the cabin.

Passengers and crew were forced to disembark and board another aircraft causing a delay of 90 minutes to the flight.

Spokesperson for Alaska Airlines, Bobbie Egan, said the plane would not be returned to full service until a full maintenance check was carried out.

Massive rescue operation to save plastic swan

GERMANY: Firefighters were in a flap when they scrambled 25 men for the full scale rescue of a swan trapped in a frozen pond - only to find a plastic decoy.

Passers-by had dialled 999 when they saw the  swan - left there by fishermen to scare away other birds - apparently stuck fast in the ice in Straubing, Germany.

One firefighter said: 'The information was very sketchy. We had to search for ages until we found the location. Eventually we saw the swan in the middle of the pond.

'The ice was not very thick so it was quite a dangerous rescue.

'But when we got there we found a plastic swan and not a real swan which had been put  on the lake to scare birds form coming to try and eat the fish.

He added: 'Thankfully no one was injured and at least we got a bit of training in.'