Bizarre: Teachers 'sex in school' video goes viral

Students in a Singapore international school have a spread video of teachers having sex in the school, according to AsiaOne.

Two teachers recorded a video clip of them having sex in a classroom for their own viewing pleasure, but ended up becoming ‘porn stars’ after it went viral among their students.

The 20 minute graphic video of them having sex was chanced upon by students while browsing files on the school’s computer server and it soon spread.

The two teachers who are believed to be Caucasians have since left the school.

Baby no bar to sex for Swedish women

No time or space for sex with a young child around? Not if you’re Sewdish.

Three in ten Swedish mothers have reported to having sex while their baby slept in the same bed, according to a new survey in the Swedish paper The Local.

In a separate study 59% of US parents admitted to having sex while an infant was in the room, according to the Huffington Post, but results are not available as to whether any had it while their child was in the same bed.

The latest survey, which was carried out by the Swedish magazine ‘Mama,’ also found that 48 per cent of moms manage to have sex once or twice a week, while four per cent claimed to get amorous with their partners every day.

A survey of 600 US families last year found that six in ten working parents didn’t have enough energy left to have sex with their partners.

However, US moms are going to different extreme measures to fit a romantic life – with 12 per cent using their phones during sex, a survey found last month.

Woman weighs 15kg after of living in isolation and filth

Two sisters allegedly suffering from depression and malnutrition for months with their bodies having started to rot were rescued from the room they were living in New Delhi.

The shocking story also involved the 65-year-old mother of the two women and her grandson, 14-years-old, all who managed to live in filth.

According to Indian media, the neighbours admitted that they chose to ignore the screams and stench for over two years believing that "the matter did not concern them.''

Doctors at Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital said the two sisters, one 40-year-old and the other 29-year-old, were admitted and were infected with maggots and had bed sores all over.
One woman weighed hardly more than 15 kg and resembled nothing more than a skeleton.

The doctors said the condition of the younger sister was comparatively better.

Sources said the elder sister had married 18 years ago but got divorced within the next two years. Her husband did try to establish contact with their son but she put her foot down claiming he was alcoholic. Her sister never got married.

For the past four months, the only person who came out of the house was the mother.

Boy with long tongue asked to leave school

Mohammed Hanan, a 4-year-old boy was asked to leave school because officials were uncomfortable with his long tongue.

Teachers of the school in a village in Maharashtra where the little boy took admissions just a couple of days before summoned his parents and said that "Your child's long tongue disturbs other children," reported Times of India.

The parents were asked to home school their child for two years. While the kid's mom says her boy is as normal as any other kid and speaks normally, too.

However, after the block education officer inetrvened the boy was readmitted.
Schoolboy stabs 26... classmates tested for HIV

A teenage schoolboy has been arrested after he stabbed 26 pupils in the ehad and necck with a useed needle.

According to a 'Daily Mail'  report, the 14-year-old went on a rampage in  Toot Hill School, in Bingham, Notts and the victims are being tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

Police say the boy was allegedlyplaying a game, when he went pricking classmates. He has been suspended.


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