Cat survives being shot 19 times with BB gun

Cat shot 19 times (AGENCY)

A five-year-old cat in Indiana survived being shot 19-times by a BB gun.

A vet pulled 18 of the BBs from Kayla Haskett's cat Rubix.  The other apparently had not been lodged in the cat.

"The vet told me I wasn't going to be very happy. As soon as he put up the X-ray and didn't have much to say, we were both speechless. I just cried, cried a whole lot," Haskett said.

Nobelsville, Ind. police say 19-year-old Caesar Mendez, was arrested Monday and faces animal cruelty charges.

Haskett is just glad her wonder cat survived.

"He's my miracle kitty, I always knew he was special," she said.

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