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08 June 2023

Crazy World: Agassi uses Graf's nude pic...

By Staff & Agencies

Agassi uses 'nude' image of wife Steffi Graf for charity


TAIWAN: Tennis legend Andre Agassi has reportedly shown a 'nude' picture of his wife Steffi Graf on his mobile phone to the winning bidder at a charity auction in Taiwan.

The Grand Slam winner said that he would show the picture to whoever was willing to shell out $4000, reports the Sun.

"You pay more than $4,000 and I will show you a picture of my wife on my phone, naked," he told the guests at the fund-raiser.

The offer drew laughter and applause.

The bidder let out an audible 'Wow!' when Agassi showed him the photo on his phone.

It was not clear whether the picture actually was of fellow tennis great Graf or whether she knew of her husband's action.

Agassi, 40, and Steffi, 41, have been married nine years and live in Las Vegas with their two children.

Man grows horn on his head


CHINA: Huang Yuanfan's odd growth started two years ago as a small bump but just grew and grew.

The 84-year-old man said: ‘I tried picking at it and even filing it but nothing changed it. The horn just kept getting bigger.’

Yuanfan says it has now reached three inches and is showing no signs of stopping.

He added: ‘Doctors say they don't know what caused it but if they try to take it off it will just come back. I try to hide it beneath a hat but if it gets much longer it will be sticking out the top.’
Man is world's best at throwing up

CHINA: Now I seem to be able to swallow pretty much anything, says Liang Yuxin who trumps even the very worst hangovers to become world throwing up recording holder.

The Chinese man has stunned the world with his ability to regurgitate anything from a live fish to a 50-inch chain.

While the process of dispensing with ten or more mojitos in the morning may feel unnatural, Liang Yuxin’s ability to throw up jewellery puts even the bitterest katzenjammer to shame.

The champion chunderer said: ‘I found out I could do it when I was a boy and I accidentally swallowed a ball and found I could bring it back up at will.

'Now I seem to be able to swallow pretty much anything.’

Liang has taken to regularly swallowing fish and whatever else will fit down his oesophagus for kicks, and is now talking about going for the Guinness World Record in coin-swallowing. 
Dog-watching iPhone app catches thief


DENVER: A woman who set up an iPhone application to watch her dog while she was away instead caught a thief breaking into her home Tuesday.
At the time, she had no idea she was recording a thief.

"It's creepy," said Claire, who did not want her surname released because she is a crime victim. "I've never had a house broken in to."

She already knows how the thief broke in to her home: Her mother sent her a spare set of keys after she left them in Virginia over the weekend. The thief broke in to the package, found the keys and then snuck into her home, she says.

"He went through my drawers, my jewelry. He even touched my clothes and pillow," Claire said.

A while back, she had downloaded an I-Cam application on her phone. It syncs up with her computer and allows her to view her computer camera from her cellphone.

The thief searched through her belongings for a little more than 12 minutes. In the end, he got away with $500 worth of items.

Denver Police are looking over the footage and searching for finger prints the thief may have left behind.
Footballer fakes kidnapping to skip training

BRAZIL: A Brazilian footballer who faked his own kidnapping to get out of a team training session faces up to six months in prison, according to police.

Somalia, a player for the Rio club Botafogo, made a police report Wednesday alleging he had been carjacked by an armed man and forced to drive around for two hours - when the training was happening - before being robbed of money and jewellery.

But inconsistencies in his complaint raised suspicions, and officers quickly discovered that security video footage from Somalia's home did not back up his story.

Police chief Juliana Domingues said the player could now face a serious criminal charge for making up the crime.

Media reports said Somalia had returned home at 4:00am (local time) and likely thought up the kidnap ruse to make sure his football club did not dock his salary.

Hawn's former husband writes tell-all book


NEW YORK: Goldie Hawn's former husband Bill Hudson, the father of her actress daughter Kate Hudson, is shopping around a devastating tell-all book about his ex, the New York Post reported.
The book, tentatively titled So You Are a Star, teases: "What if your ex-wife used her public platform to spread rumors about your relationship with your children?" It describes Hawn as "a movie star who enjoyed having 'open relationships' and limiting access to their children."

Musician Hudson, who divorced Hawn in 1979, has remained estranged from their children Kate and Oliver, who were raised by Hawn and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell.

After meeting Hawn in 1975, Hudson claims they once made love for 12 hours until she confessed she was seeing another man. But she sobbed, "You're my soul mate ... it's just that I've always believed in open marriage."