Crazy World: Bikini ad not hot enough...

Airline's bikini ad not hot enough

UK: An ad campaign by budget airline Ryanair that featured a bikini-clad model on a beach to promote sunny destinations has been banned.

The UK'S Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) acted after receiving a complaint that the ad was misleading.

The campaign, which featured the words "To the sun now!" and showed a model in a bikini lying on a beach, promoted the airline's spring deals but none of the destinations it featured were actually warm at the time.

Some of the locations, such as Oslo, were as low in temperature as 0C. The warmest of some of the destinations was between 11C and 14C.

Schoolgirl joins violent pitch invasion


A pony-tailed girl, who looked like she is yet to reach her teens, lunged out to make abusive gestures towards the opposition team's goalkeeper.

A teenage boy wearing a checked shirt also lashed out and punched the player in the face, reports Daily Mail.

Bizarrely, the incident came at what should have been a moment of celebration for the young thugs, after their team had scored an equaliser in a tense top-of-the table match in English football's fourth tier.

But rather than cheering the Chesterfield goalscorer, they rushed on to the pitch to taunt Bury goalkeeper Cameron Belford, screaming abuse and making obscene gestures.

The 6ft 2in tall goalie remained calm throughout the onslaught by the so-called fans during the League Two match on Monday.

His restraint was all the more admirable given that earlier this year he had a metal plate inserted in his face after shattering his cheekbone in a horrific injury sustained in a challenge with an opposition striker, said the paper.

That may also explain why the thug grimaced so as he landed the blow – for his fist is understood to have connected with the side of 22-year-old Belford’s face which houses the titanium plate.

The shameful scenes were condemned by football officials and law-abiding fans alike, as police confirmed to the daily they have arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of assault and a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of a public order offence in connection with the incident at Chesterfield’s B2net Stadium.

Two teachers from the same school face jail for affair with students


NEVADA: Two teachers from the same school are facing jail for having sex with under age students.

Bethyl Shepherd, 34, Marie Fisher, 21, who worked in the same department, were arrested within weeks of each other after officials found out about their affairs.

Shepherd is accused of having a threesome with two 17-year-old's in her car while Fisher is charged with having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy after sending him explicit text messages.

Both women worked in the Special Education Department at Reeds High School in Sparks, Nevada.

The arrest of Shepherd, who has been at the school since 2001, stunned officials still reeling from the allegations involving the youngest member of their staff.

Investigators claim Shepherd drove to a secluded spot on April 7th where she had sex with both 17-year-olds.

After her arrest she claimed one of the teens forced her to have sex while the other watched.

Detectives said Shepherd's account of the incident did not match up with witness statements and evidence gathered through the investigation.

Others with an average of just 6c to 9c were Glasgow, Londonderry, Aarhus and Bilund, in Denmark, and Frankfurt, Hamburg and Dusseldorf, in Germany.

Smokers in a flap over bird's ashtray nest


UK: Passers-by were stunned to watch a bird set up its home in a cigarette bin.

The bird, a great tit, was all in a flap after blue tits were also seen sizing up the bizarre spot at the RSPB's Fairburn Ings nature reserve in Castleford, Yorkshire, UK.

"We'd seen a few birds checking out the ashtray and we did wonder whether they might be considering it for a nest site,” Laura Bentley, RSPB Fairburn Ings Visitor Manager told the UK’s PA.

"We found moss and nesting material nearby and when we peered through when the bird had left the area it was clear a nest had been built inside.”

Smokers have been banned from using the bin until the birds have left.
Gas station charges $14 a litre to deter customers


GERMANY: German drivers were left stunned after a gas station was caught charging $14 per litre in a bid to stop customers from filling up.
The station was running low amid a nationwide shortage due to Easter traffic and a holiday ban on fuel tankers.

Police were called to the Esso gas station near Stuttgart after it raised the price in a deliberate move to deter motorists, German news website The Local reported.

Several customers filled up without noticing the hike, despite warning signs on the pump not to do so, German newspaper Bild reported. One customer told Bild he put 21 litres in his BMW and was asked to pay $294.

"I didn't pay attention to the price. Who expects something like that ... It's a swindle," Yunus G. said.

Customers slugged with the staggering bills called police, but were told they needed to pay. The gas station had done nothing wrong, police said, because the price was determined by head office.

The drivers eventually paid for their gas, but were hoping to sort out a compromise with Esso.

Council pays phone bills for staff... THREE YEARS after they left


LANCASHIRE: A cash-strapped council is still paying mobile phone bills of former staff who left their posts three years ago, it has been revealed.

More than 60 ex-employees at Blackburn with Darwen Council still use handsets owned by the East Lancashire authority, with one account racking up £200 a month bills, according to a newly-released audit report.

One former worker made international calls costing £104 in one month, while another totted up £131 of internet charges in just four days.

Six ex-council staff phoned a premium rate service at £21 a call and there was a bill of £63 of for 13 multimedia messages sent by two staff.

The total cost for unaccountable phones was more than £3,000.

The authority has now launched an overhaul of its phone policy after auditors gave a 'no assurance' verdict, regarding the security of the system.

It said the council's £182,000 mobile contract was 'open to significant abuse'.

In the document, auditors said it was impossible to identify personal phone calls in each bill and 'inaccurate records' were kept of mobile phone users.

Poor accounting techniques meant it was not possible to determine if staff had reimbursed any money for the past two years, the report said.

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