Crazy World: How to gas myself in car?...

I want to gas myself in car... How is it done?

BRITAIN: A young school teacher and man died in fume-filled car after 'internet suicide pact'. 

The woman who gassed herself in a car with the stranger asked for advice about chemical suicide on the internet weeks earlier.

Maths teacher Jenny Spain posted the grim plea before she and nurse Mark Searle were found dead in the fume-filled car on a country lane, reported The Sun.

A handwritten note left on the car window warned passers-by of the dangers of toxic gas, said Daily Mail.

Authorities suspect Spain met the stranger online a few weeks ago. Police are treating the double suicide as 'unexplained but not suspicious'.

The circumstances of the couple's death is similar to that of Joanne Lee, 34, and Steve Lumb, 35, who met online and killed themselves in a fume-filled car in Braintree, Essex, last September, said the Daily.
30-hour standoff with parking inspector

SALISBURY: A British woman was celebrating after beating a £110 ($180) fine in a 30-hour standoff with a parking inspector.

Jessica Davey, 22, from Salisbury, in southern England, barricaded herself in her Renault Clio for more than a day after parking inspector Anthony Brindley booted her vehicle despite its valid parking permit, the Salisbury Journal reported.

The care worker discovered the clamp when she tried to go to work on Monday.

"I couldn't afford to pay him, and I didn't see why I should, so I decided to stay with my car until he took it [the boot] off so he couldn't tow it away," she told the daily.

"If he did, the £250 to get it back is probably more than the car is worth."

Brindley - who said Davey needed to pay the fine because her permit was on her dashboard, not her windshield - also stayed at the scene, hoping she would concede.
Moms 'persuaded' to abuse kids

DETROIT:  A Michigan man is pleading guilty to persuading mothers to sexually assault their young children and send him the images.

Steven Demink appeared in federal court in Detroit on Monday to enter his plea on six charges related to sexual exploitation of children as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

Authorities say the 41-year-old man posed as a therapist and met the women online under an alias. An indictment says he communicated with moms in New Hampshire, Idaho and Florida.

Authorities say seven children were rescued and four mothers arrested.

Demink was arrested in October and faces 15 years to life in prison.
‘Sleeping’ hubby attacks wife 

GLASGOW: A husband accused of trying to kill his wife claims he was sleepwalking when he attacked her with a knife.

John Docherty, 57, repeatedly struck Eileen with the blade after he appeared at her bedside, reports The Sun.

But she supported his claim that he was sleepwalking at the time.

Eileen, 56 - left permanently scarred - told a court she had known the cabbie suffered from the condition since they wed 37 years ago, the paper said.

She said Docherty's eyes were "starey and glassy" when she woke with him by her bedside holding a knife at their home in Penilee, Glasgow, in December 2009.

Eileen, who calls her husband Ian, was quoted by the paper as saying: "His eyes were open. They were always like that when he was sleepwalking. It all happened so fast.

"I tried to get the knife off him. There was a struggle. It was just sheer panic. I was on the floor, the next thing I remember was the paramedics being there."

Eileen - who spent nine days in hospital and suffered scars to her face and neck - added: "I basically know he was asleep."

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