Crazy World: Indian men lead in sexual violence...

Indian men lead in sexual violence: Study

NEW DELHI: Nearly one in four Indian men has committed sexual violence at some point in their lives and one in five has admittedly forced his wife or partner to have sex. The findings of a recent International Men and Gender Equality Survey reflects a new low for Indian men. Only 2% Brazilian males and less than 9% of men in Chile, Croatia, Mexico and Rwanda were found to have indulged in sexual violence.

The survey was conducted in six developing countries across four continents to map attitudes and practices related to gender equality. Researchers from the International Centre for Research on Women ( ICRW in US and India) and Instituto Promundo in Brazil, who led the survey, interviewed more than 8,000 men and 3,500 women, aged 18 to 59, from these countries.

Indians, who are known to excel in competitive examinations globally, were ranked last on the 'gender equitable men' scale, given that only 17% of men here qualified to the 'highly equitable' (gender-just) category. The percentage was the lowest for this category among the six countries. On sexual violence, 24% said they had committed some form of it in their lives.

While Croatia topped the test, with 82% 'gender-just' men, more than 50% men in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico made the grade. Rwanda, which is among the least developed nations in the world, in fact, fared better than India, with 30% males qualifying as 'highly equitable'.

Rwanda, however, joined India with highest rate of domestic violence, with 38% men admitting they had physically abused their partners. Worse, more than 65% Indian men also believed that women should tolerate violence to keep the family together and that women sometimes deserved to be beaten.

And although Indian men were the most sexually and physically violent at home, they were not involved in violent or criminal behaviour outside. Only 4% Indian men had participated in robbery and 7% had been involved in fights with weapons, compared to 36% men in Croatia and 22% men in Brazil.

The findings, released in Washington last month, reiterated that although India may be on its way to becoming the world's fastest developing economy, it figures at the bottom of the pile when it comes to gender equality.

In the survey, which found Indian men to be the worst offenders in terms of sexual violence, more than 1,000 men from the 1,500 interviewed in India were from Delhi. The findings mirrored the high incidence of sexual assault in Delhi: the capital witnessed 489 rapes last year. 

World’s youngest granny is just 23

ROMANIA: A woman became the world's youngest gran - at just 23.

Mum-of-two Rifca Stanescu was 12 when she had her first child Maria.

She urged the girl not to follow her example - but Maria gave birth to son Ion while only 11.

Rifca had married jewellery seller Ionel Stanescu when she was 11 and he was 13.

They eloped because Rifca feared her father wanted her to marry another village lad in Investi, Romania. She was forgiven when she had her daughter - making her mum, also Maria, a great-gran at 40.

Son Nicolae was born a year later. The young mum later tried to persuade Maria to stay at school.

But Maria left to wed when she was ten - and had her baby six months later.

Rifca cuddled grandson Ion, now two, and said: "I am happy to be a grandmother but wished more for Maria."

Britain's youngest gran was an unnamed 26-year-old from Rotherham, Yorks. Her daughter, 12, gave birth in 1999. 
Girl groomed for sex by maths teacher on Facebook


LONDON: A paedophile maths teacher groomed a 15-year-old pupil by bombarding her with scores of flattering messages on Facebook, reveals Daily Mail.

Anthony Dockerty, 40, was a sex-obsessed ‘domineering bully’ who regularly took cocaine, ecstasy and Viagra and abused his position of trust to target teenage girls, a court heard.

Among the messages he sent the  15-year-old were: ‘You are excellent at school, so bright’ and ‘You are far more grown up than some of the other girls.’

Another read: ‘Your hair looks nice.’ He also wrote: ‘I saw you walking your dog. She is nice, but not as beautiful as you.’

The teacher, who once sent her 40  Facebook messages in a single day, went on to ask her bra size, bought her underwear and said: ‘I bet you look great. I’m thinking of you.’

On one occasion the father of four wrote: ‘I’ll give you a lift home from school. Shall we go out tonight?’ And, referring to an alcopop, he asked her: ‘What is your favourite drink? I bet its WKD?’

Dockerty, who admitted sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust and sexually grooming a girl under 17, now faces a lengthy jail sentence after a jury went on to find him guilty of rapes and sex attacks against two other girls – aged 16 and 15, the paper revealed.

He was caught after police were tipped off about his activities following loose talk on the social networking site. 
Baby fights for life after bashing

QUEENSLAND: A five-month-old girl from Ipswich, Queensland, is in a critical condition with broken ribs and a punctured lung after a man allegedly assaulted her on Saturday.

A police spokesman said a 22-year-old Flinders View man was arrested after family members brought the baby girl into Ipswich General Hospital on Saturday.

“Her injuries include some broken ribs, a punctured lung and several other significant injuries,” he said.

“She’s since been moved to the Mater Hospital where she is in the paediatric intensive care unit in a critical condition.”

He said it appeared a weapon had not been used in the alleged attack.

The man has been charged with grievous bodily harm and will appear before the Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday.

The man’s relationship to the girl is unknown.
Teen lies to squeeze into Jimmy Choos


BRITAIN: Surgeons broke this teenager's foot in four places, cut her tendons and ligaments and stapled two-inch screws to her bones – all so she could be comfortable in designer heels

Hannah Bailey lied to  doctors to qualify for a £5,000 operation on the NHS so she could squeeze her feet into designer shoes, she admitted.

She was referred for foot re-shaping surgery at 19 after telling her GP she was in excruciating pain, reports Daily Mail.

In reality, she was simply  frustrated that her ‘wide and ugly’ feet prevented her from wearing the latest fashions.

Bailey was wuoted by the paper as saying: ‘I knew the only way to get something done was to say my feet were really bad. I had to exaggerate the pain I was in.’

Since the taxpayer-funded surgery, she has spent around £9,000 on designer shoes, including her favourite Jimmy Choo heels.

Bailey said she had been unhappy with the ‘disgusting’ shape of her feet since she was 13, and had been to see her doctor about it more than 20 times.

She also said: ‘Because my feet were so wide, wearing heels gave me excruciating pain.

When I wore trainers it was fine, but as soon as I put any pressure on the balls of my feet, the pain was too much.’

She discovered foot re-shaping surgery was available on the NHS for patients in serious pain.

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