Crazy World: Lion eats man in Zambia

Cases of lion attacks on the increase

A man has been eaten by a lion after being killed in a vicious attack near his home in Zambia.

According to The Daily Mail, Lantone Phiri was devoured by the man-eater as he was out walking in Nyimba, a remote town in the east of the southern African country.

A passer-by found the man's remains and alerted other members of their tribe.

The attack comes at a time of year when lions are known to prowl near human territory looking for new mates.

Last month another local was rushed to Nyimba district hospital and stayed for weeks of treatment after being savaged by one of the aggressive cats.

And last week a woman was attacked and eaten by a lion after it escaped from a game reserve in Kenya.

2 teens held in ‘porn’ blackmail plot


Two teenage children of a prominent Sydney barrister have been charged with using a "pornographic photo" to blackmail a wealthy north shore mother.

The boy and girl allegedly demanded the woman leave $15,000 in a toilet cistern at a hotel or they would make the photo public, The Daily Telegraph reported.

They were arrested after the woman's husband reported the demand to police and a covert operation was set up to catch the youths. The girl was arrested by plainclothes officers on May 30 after she walked out of the unisex bathroom of the hotel's gaming room empty handed.

The boy, who police allege was nearby, was arrested some weeks later. An 18-year-old accomplice, who said he was a friend of the boy, pleaded guilty to extortion last week and will be sentenced in September.

Baby weighs as much as iPad… and survives

A baby boy has defied the odds to be born as the UK’s most premature twin.

According to the Daily Mail Jacob McMahon’s chances looked bleak when his sister was born dead a day short of 22 weeks.

Doctors advised mother Sara Fisher, 25, to abort her surviving child because she was suffering from a serious infection that probably caused his twin’s death.

 Jacob has only just been allowed home to join his mother Sara.

She was told she must decide quickly, but then went into labour and gave birth at 23 weeks.

Weighing just 1lb 4oz – the same as an Apple iPad – Jacob faced a mammoth fight. It was 30 days before the first-time mother could hold her son and 75 more before she could give him a bath.

But at five months, Jacob has finally been allowed home from hospital.

It means his admin worker mother and her partner Scott McMahon, 26, can finally start family life at home in Bradford.

Mumbai to publish pics of those urinating in public


Mumbai’s Deputy Mayor has proposed to photograph citizens caught urinating in public places and upload the images on the Internet; offenders may also be fined.

With skywalks and underpasses turning into regular urinals in the city, members of the BBMP council have begun cracking the whip to warn that unzipping in public places can lead to embarrassment.

Deputy Mayor S Harish, who since of late has been dogged in controversy, has been applauded by all quarters for the move to photograph and film offenders and to put up the same on a common website.

The civic body plans to come down hard on those caught spitting in public as well, and believe the move will discourage offenders.

The move seems to be one of frustration caused by the flood of complaints regarding the maintenance of such infrastructure projects, which the corporation has spent over Rs 1,000 crore on.

Standing Committee Chairman Geetha Shashikumar supported this idea and encouraged strong enforcement along with penalties for unruly citizens caught urinating in public.

Citing the K R Market flyover and Majestic underpass, which have become synonymous as open public toilets, she said that the nuisance not only pollutes public property, but the unpleasant stench affects business in the area.

"It is sad to see that the educated folk of the city do not take this simple rule seriously. They urinate and spit in public and some even dump their garbage in public areas. First of all, the palike is finding it difficult to manage 198 wards and we would appreciate it if the public is aware about such a simple rule," said Shashikumar.

Microsoft sorry for Winehouse tweet


Microsoft has apologised for a "tweet" that has been blasted for seeming like a blatant effort to cash in on the death of 27-year-old British singer Amy Winehouse.

"Apologies to everyone if our earlier Amy Winehouse 'download' tweet seemed purely commercially motivated," Microsoft UK PR said at a 'tweetbox360' account at microblogging service Twitter.

"Far from the case, we assure you," the message continued.

Microsoft became a target of online ire over the weekend after the same Twitter account posted an update inviting people to remember Winehouse by buying digital versions of her "Back to Black" album at

The Zune website is Microsoft's shop on the Internet for downloading music, films and other entertainment content to computers, smartphones, and Xbox 360 videogame consoles.

Replies on Twitter criticised the Microsoft message as "crass" and "vile."

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